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Hot Dang... I'm excited!!!

Hey everyone, my name is Herc Magnus.

Everything you have just read is true! There really are no catches involved here. I'm being totally up front with you, because I believe it's the best way to start a relationship. I don't even want your credit card number to start giving you the CB90X training (just so I can rebill you later, once you've forgotten that you gave it to me.) Nope, I don't do that.

CB90X training is all yours free of charge simply because you want to learn, & I want to teach you!

Why in the heck would I want to teach people I've never even met?
Well, money obviously! If I can teach you how to make money online, I'm certainly going to benefit from that. But how about this for another reason?

Because I truly believe that working for yourself
is so much better than working for a boss.

It's a very core fundamental of my personality,
and if I can help you fire your bosses...
Ohhh man that would make me happy!

Ok enough mushy stuff... I love you too!

So you might still be a little confused at this point at how you are possibly going to join something for free and end up making money!

I totally understand...

It took me forever to try and just explain it to first myself, and then my friends.

But basically you are going to earn money while in training simply by following these 3 very easy steps.

  1. Sign up for free & confirm your email address.
    (1 minute)

  2. Set up your CB90X account in order to earn and be paid commissions!
    I'll guide you the whole way on how to set up your account properly.
    (5 - 10 minutes)

  3. Promote this same 90 day free giveaway to others.
    Just use the tools and methods that I teach you in the 90 days of training and you will do awesome!
    (Up to 90 Days For Free)

That's it, that's all you gotta do! During the next 90 days (and starting as soon as you sign up!) I'm actually going to attempt to teach you a few things about Internet Marketing & Advertising, and you are going to use CB90X as the platform in which you practice the things you learn!

Get it right... and you are going to make some money.
Get it wrong... and don't worry about it, it didn't cost you a penny!

(Just keep trying, you have lots of time to succeed!)

So as you are learning & practicing how to promote things online, which in my 12 years of experience I have come to believe is the 'most crucially important thing you can learn in order to start making money', you will also potentially be earning money while doing it and CB90X is going to keep track of it all for you.

Ok, so how is earning money possible if the give away is free? Great question...

Well that's the beauty of

Some of people that you refer to their own 90 days of free training, are actually going to really enjoy the lessons and follow direction. They will take learning seriously and possibly purchase one or two of the key tools I highly recommend a person should get if at all serious about becoming financially successful as an Affiliate & Internet Marketer.

These aren't tools that are going to break the bank either, they are very realistic in price. But they are just as necessary to making money online, as a shovel is when needing to dig a hole! (Of course I know you can dig a hole with your bare hands for free, but I'm sure you get the idea of what I am saying.)

So guess what happens when they purchase a tool? You get an email with a subject line similar to this: just earned a commission!

Yep...CB90X passes that commission onto you! Heck, you referred the person, you should make the money right?

Do you get it now?

When you join CB90X I actually place all of your affiliate links into the 90 days of training. And then I send out that training to all of the people that you referred to their own 90 days of free training!

It gets a whole lot better too, that's really just the tip of the iceberg as far as what you get with your free membership into CB90X! There's lots of other ways that you can earn money...but I'm not going to get into that just yet.

I'll explain it all when it's time, when you are at that step, but for now I'm pretty sure you get the initial picture and I hope it's enough to make you want to start right now!

So what are you waiting for?

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